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The beginning of a successful project at Siewert Cabinet starts with a thorough understanding of what is involved. Materials, functionality, design aesthetics, project time frame, site conditions and client expectations must all be understood. Our experienced estimating staff is ready to lend their knowledge to create the most value for you.

Commercial Cabinet Production Minneapolis


Our team of skilled craftsman and women utilize their experience, as well as the latest computer controlled machinery to rapidly and accurately produce your project. From CNC saws, drilling machines and routers to traditional hand work, we have the skills required to be a single source provider for all millwork, furniture and fixtures.

Project Management

Managing a project well in today’s fast paced environment is a must. Knowing the details, anticipating issues before they arise and communicating well and often are the hallmarks of our Project Managers. They lead a team of Siewert professionals during the engineering, materials acquisition, construction and installation of your project.


Siewert has invested heavily so we have the ability to control your project from start to finish. Custom color matching, state-of-the-art coating systems, rapid turnaround and the control from having an in-house division all add value to you, the client. The perfect “finishing” touch to your project!

cabinet and fixture design and engineering siewert


Using leading edge technology allows the engineering staff at Siewert to design and engineer your products faster and more accurately. This results in shorter building cycles, lower cost and most importantly, higher quality. CAD/CAM, rendering, database management and hands on knowledge all contribute to our success, and yours.


The final step in the process, installation is critical to the timely and successful completion of your project. Skilled onsite craftsmen, either union or right to work, will install either the most simple or the most complicated project, on time and done right. You can count on Siewert for the best, from beginning to end.