Siewert Cabinet Conference Room

“A Tradition of Innovation” Siewert Cabinet Featured in Woodworkers Magazine

(Story By Kristin Mason)

“I started pounding nails when I was three years old…into the steps…and all the way down my parents’ hardwood staircase. Proof that I was destined for a career in woodworking is right there in my baby book,” jokes CEO Rick Siewert of Siewert Cabinet and Fixture Manufacturing, based in Minneapolis, MN. “When I was twelve, I remember helping Dad wrap burlap panels for Team Electronics out in the garage. That was Siewert Cabinets’ first commercial account,” he adds.
The company’s conference table is a glass-topped replica of a Lake Marion flatbottom boat — the originals were products of his grandfather’s vocation. As he speaks, it seems that Siewert knew very early that he would follow in his father Wayne’s footsteps…

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